Getting Weird and Blurring Genres with Some Southern Waters

This week we talked to Julian Baner, Rachel Comeau, and Bry Reid, the trio behind Some Southern Waters. They came by to talk about blurring genres, artistic integrity, making an entertaining film.

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Months after Jon witnesses the death of his girlfriend Mona, he meets a mysterious young woman who looks just like the love he lost. Haunted by guilt, Jon is torn between the real and unreal as he spirals into a genre bending hodgepodge of arthouse expression, noir aesthetics, and B-horror oddities.

Rachel Comeau

Some Southern Waters is a black and white, dream-like mystery/drama, taking place in contemporary times in a beachside town in Florida.  The film follows Jon Bedsoe, a 20-something heavy smoker with a fascination for the 50s, as he attempts to move on and face his guilt after his girlfriend Mona is killed in a bizarre car accident with him at the wheel when, months later, he meets a mysterious young woman, Anna, who looks exactly like her.

As an attempt to assuage his guilt, Jon decides to “save” Anna from two older men she seems to live with, one of whom manages a local carnival which has employed Anna as a mermaid. In doing so, Jon finds himself trapped in a figurative nightmare, stuck in a recursive series of loops, and walking the ever-fading line between dream and reality.

Some Southern Water poster

About The Project

Some Southern Waters is a micro-budget feature-length film written and directed by Orlando filmmaker Julian Baner, starring Bry Reid, Rachel Comeau, Jeff Evans, Mariah Morgenstern, and Diego Baner. It is a close-knit collaborative passion project every step of the way, involving local Florida actors, crew members, artists, and musicians.

Armed with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in filmmaking from UCF, and a collection of unique surrealist short films under his belt, director Julian Baner has set out to make a feature-length film exploring themes of surrealism, femme fatales, and the loops we find ourselves inevitably trapped in. 


Some Southern Waters

by Julian Baner

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