Filmmaking Teens Crossing Generations

This week we have a couple of filmmaking teens with their first feature film! We were very excited to talk to Victoria Leigh and Bridget McGarry, two high schoolers who are writing, producing and starring in Generation Wrecks. They enlisted their dads Kevin T. Morales and Patrick McGarry to help produce and direct. We talked about the process of making a film at such a young age and their crowdfunding efforts along with many many other things!

Generation Wrecks: a 90s Teen Comedy

Crowdfund Launch Video.

Generation Wrecks: A 90s Teen Comedy from Generation Wrecks on Vimeo.

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Victoria Leigh
Bridget McGarry
Bridget & Victoria are professional child actors of 10 years starting their journey to become the next generation of inclusive, female filmmakers. Bringing their script to life will be an incredible experience for them and will result in an exciting and offbeat, teen film for audiences.


The Story 

Stacy Snyder and Liz Castillo-Campbell were best friends until the 7th grade when a mysterious event drove them apart. Stacy joins the popular crowd and Liz falls in with the freaks and becomes a goth. After years of antagonizing each other at school, Stacy is moved to repair the friendship when Liz’s little brother accidentally drowns. Stacy invites Liz to join her for a getaway over memorial day weekend at her vacation home in the Sierras like she used to do when they were friends, but Liz insists she be able bring her own misfit group of friends. Stacy reluctantly agrees. Chaperoned by Stacy’s slacker brother and his bubbly girlfriend, the eight 11th-grade Gen-Xers, are confronted by the future, adulthood and their individual personal issues. They realize they share more than feeling alienated and lost, and that friendships can be mended among the giant redwoods with a lot of music, games, and a little bit of love and weed. 


How Can you Help.

1.) Follow our campaign on Seed & Spark – Followers help us make it on to the main page, and help more people see our campaign. We can’t stress enough how much we need you to join our team! A substantial number of followers will also help us when we try to secure distribution for the film. 

2.) Post about it, and tag: #generationwrecks – Let everyone know, the more the merrier! If you know anyone who appreciates the type of film this story is for, please tell them about it. Audiences who love teen comedies, 90s nostalgia, young adults and LGBTQ stories are who we are making this for. 

3.) Pledge – Buy a copy of the movie for $13, or pledge more if you’re feeling extra supportive and want those sweet, sweet incentives!

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