Tips On Writing for No Budget Indie Film

This episode we talk about all our tips on writing for no budget indie film. We explore how we’ve used writing tools, available on previous episodes, to write a script specifically for ‘no budget filmmaking’.

Lessons for the No-Budget Feature

In the late 1980s and 1990s, there was a great movement in independent cinema of no-budget filmmaking that was the beginning for some of the most successful and popular filmmakers of the modern day. Let’s take a look at five features from that movement and see what lessons we can learn on how to make a great film with as little money as possible.

Interviews/Documentaries- Good Taste Meets Bad Taste (1987) –

The Making of El Mariachi- The Robert Rodriguez Ten Minute Film School –

Christopher Nolan on Following- Conversations Inside the Criterion Collection –

Richard Linklater on Slacker –

Mark Kermode reviews Inglourious Basterds – (and hello to Jason Isaacs…)

Further Reading- Rebel Without a Crew by Robert Rodriguez –

Spike, Mike, Slackers, and Dykes by John Pierson –

The ABC’s of No-Budget Filmmaking by Peter Broderick –

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