Top 13 hollywood villains in movies

In this week’s episode we are once again joined by our long time friend (KOOGE) Kujaatele Kweli to reveal the top 13 Hollywood villains movies. Using AFI’s 100 Greatest Films of All Time and 100 Greatest Heroes & Villains. We breakdown the top most used type of villains in movie history.

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Hollywood’s 13 Master Villains (the baker’s dirty dozen) Still Causing Trouble In The Movies and All Over the World


A bonafide good guy is an important asset and can make a movie good but a credible and remarkable villain is crucial and is necessary to make a movie truly great. Fascist, politicians and tyrants have known for years that great villains and foreign threats can unite a diverse nation. The villains that we choose to fear tells us more about the state of the nation’s psyche than the villain. For example, in the McCarthy era Invasion of the Body Snatchers was a reflected the paranoia that communist spies could be anyone and everywhere, even your own wife or lover. Ultimately, the message was that you could trust no one – your lover, best friend, spouse, or even your children.

The Godfather marked the end of the 60’s “peace and love” generation and the beginning of the “me” generation. The “me’  message was “power corrupts”. To paraphrase Sonny’s prudent adviser: “You don’t kill people because you don’t like them, you kill people because its business.” Certainly, these bad guys all were punished by the final reel as required by popular moral standards, but they had fun getting there. Likewise, the brilliantly executed Pulp Fiction demonstrate that you don’t need a single good guy, unless one considers murder an acceptable option for conflict resolution.

Hollywood villains used to reflect America’s ethnocentric values. Things have changed. The new world order has arrived in Hollywood. It’s no longer a simple matter of coming up with heroes who stand for the “American Way” or foreigners or ethnic minorities who can be counted on to be the usual suspects, unless they are Arabs. Hollywood is now dancing to a new fiddler. The global marketplace now demands heroes with whom the world can identify, and villains who don’t stereotype entire nations or ethnic groups. The challenge is to create villains in a world where former enemies have become friends. Political correctness is important to the bottom line.

The importance of this issue shouldn’t be underestimated. The entertainment industry is now second to airplanes as America’s number one export. Its continued growth and development is a matter of national security. Many of our favorite villains face the threat of unemployment. Let’s examine each of the current 13 bad guys that populate the Hollywood’s villain pool (the baker’s Dirty Dozen) and see how they’re faring in the new economic and political reality.

The current top 13 hollywood villains in movies include:

  1. Badass Gangsters:  Criminals, Outlaws and Their Crews: Drug Dealers/Human Traffickers/Crime Families/Gangs/Bank Robbers/Dirty Cops/Bullies/Anti-Social Rebels
  2. Devil, Warlocks, Witches, Demons and Death
  3. 2. Dracula/Vampires/Werewolves/Zombies
  4. Evil Mates/Lovers or Partners From Hell and Jealous Sibling
  5. Foreign & Domestic Threats: Terrorists, The Deep State, Cabals, Moles & Spies
  6. Frankenstein Monsters: Robots, Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), or the Evil/Mad Scientist that invented them.
  7. Global Killers including: Armageddon, Rouge Asteroids, Doomsday Machines and, Contagious Virus and of course, the dreaded Zombie Apocalypse
  8. Mother Nature & Man: Small Meteor Showers or Asteroids, Pandemics (natural), Earthquakes, Storms, Volcanoes, Forest Fires, Droughts, Famine, Lotus, Hurricanes, Typhoons and Natural (if oversized) Predators and Man
  9. Powerful Extraterrestrial, Supernatural or Unnatural Forces: Aliens, Ghosts, Monsters & Sharknados
  10. Psychos: Sexual Predators/Serial Rapists/Serial Murders/Mass Murders/Cannibals/Obsessed Fans/Torturer
  11. Self-Righteous Villains: Kings, Tyrants, Evil Masterminds, Fascist or Political Fanatics, Corrupt Officials & Environmental Controllers.
  12. Unethical Rich & Powerful Business People
  13. The U.S. Government and Politicians

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