Director Jonathan Schiefer and the Movie Algorithm

We talk with director Jonathan Schiefer about the making of his film Algorithm, AKA The Hacker Movie. We also discuss indie film distribution, as well computer technology and the current state of computer security.

Jon Schiefer Owner, Writer, Director, Editor at Brand X Industries

A word from Jonathan: The key to creativity is the ability to access what’s called “the subconscious” at will. That’s where innovation and dreaming happens. The “at will” part can either be through meditation and self-awareness or it can be something like, “When I wake up, I get my coffee and drink it and 15 minutes later, my creative juices flow.”

If you want to be creative, know yourself, and optimize your work habits accordingly.

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What if there was no such thing as privacy in the world. What if there was a group of people who had access to all your information. What might that group possibly do and how would the people react?

Scene from the movie Algorithm

This futuristic (and quite possibly realistic) situation is the heart of a new technological thriller yet to be filmed titled “Algorithm.” Developed by writer and filmmaker Jonathan Schiefer, the film revolves around a hacker-for-hire who discovers that the government is monitoring everything people are doing. He and his friends decide to fight back in full force. Does this story sound somewhat familiar? Edward Snowden has done something similar by becoming a whistle blower on the NSA, yet this story was written before the Snowden episode. Currently Schiefer and crew are looking for support in all ways, hoping to make their dream a reality and begin filming in San Francisco.

Find out more about Jonathan’s film Algorithm at the website

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You can purchase the film’s score by Stu Kennedy here.

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