Documentary Filmmaker Chris Bremer Discusses Making A Documentary

Chris Bremer Interview Film Reverie Podcast

In this episode we talk with our long time friend and collaborator Chris Bremer about documentary film editing and the making of documentaries in general. Listen in and find out what he has to say about the creative process and staying true to your vision and project over the long, slow process of independent filmmaking.

Chris Bremer

Director/Producer/Direcor of Photography

Product Manager, Content & Production Tools at

Works closely with Content and Production teams to support the creation and delivery of high-quality online video training. Defines and drives the development and enhancement of internal tools core to the online video business.
Chris Bremer Director of Photography and Documentary Filmmaker

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Find out more about his film Mumpsy.

Mumpsy Documentary by Filmmaker Chris Bremer

In this episode, we talk about the book named In the Blink of an Eye, written by Academy Award Winning Editor Walter Murch. Find that book on Amazon.

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