Jeff Richards talks in depth about his short film Tesla vs. Cthulu

On this episode of the Film Reverie Podcast we had on filmmaker Jeff Richards (who we’ve dubbed lovingly as “The Snarky Canadian”) where he shared his unique experience and perspectives on indie filmmaking.  He also tells us what it takes to be successful in the business. Mostly we talk in depth about his short film Tesla vs. Cthulu.

Jeff Richards, Producer & Indie Filmmaker

Jeff Richards’ background includes independent film, Shakespeare, musicals, contemporary theatre, and opera. Jeff Richards has produced and directed several short films and has written nearly twenty features, most of which are either purchased or under option by various production companies. What Could Have Been, a moving dramatic feature film Jeff Richards co-wrote with that film’s director/producer Shea Wageman, had its trailer featured on iTunes in 2013. Jeff Richards has also served in a variety of technical and advisory roles on numerous independent short and feature films.

Tesla vs Cthulhu is more than just a story; it’s a world, a new transmedia tale from Allied Alchemy Studios. Nikola Tesla, the greatest inventor the world has ever known, is unaware that his experiments have awoken horrors beyond imagining: the creatures of H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos. The dead speak, hideous half-human monstrosities lurk in dark places, and over it all tower the threats of the Great Old Ones, monstrous god-like beings out of nightmare, such as Nyarlathotep, Azathoth, and Great Cthulhu himself.

In his initial encounters with these creatures in the wild forests of coastal British Columbia, Tesla meets Elaine West, a graduate student of Miskatonic University and the sole survivor of Miskatonic’s doomed expedition to Desolation Sound. West is not only a driven and intelligent woman, she is also a woman of action in a time that did not favour them, and while she recognizes the dangers they face, a part of her relishes the opportunity to throw off the boundaries of her age and take charge. Now, she and Tesla unite to solve the mysteries of what these creatures are, where they have come from… and whether or not they can be sent back. Their adventures will take them through fabled Lovecraftian settings like Arkham, Miskatonic University, Innsmouth, and worlds beyond anything humanity has known.

Drawing inspiration from both its source material and such story universes as Doctor WhoSherlock Holmes, and the classic British TV show The Avengers, the stories of Tesla vs Cthulhu are full of mystery, suspense, fear, and adventure, spanning media such as film, graphic novel, prose, and more.

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