FADE IN…on a new FilmReverie.com

Film Reverie’s New Site Launch!

        FR_Post ImageA little over six months ago we started a website and a podcast about indie film making. True, the website was an absolutely empty shell of a thing and it’s sole purpose in this world was to be the home of our meager podcast we decided to call Film Reverie. Maybe you’ve heard of it. My guess is that you have, since you are here at the website called Film Reverie. In the past six months we have produced a new episode for damn near every single week. We’ve talked to old friends, new friends, people we’ve never even met in person. We have been very excited to get to gather together every week and talk to fellow filmmakers that share the same energy and passion for making movies, one way or the other, just like us. And we hope you have listened to our show feeling the same way about us. Just another hour or so listening to your film making buddies talking about making movies.

Early on it became very evident that our website just wasn’t cutting it. If we were going to do this Brad Picthing right we were going to have to fill the thing out and make people want to visit the site and hang around a little bit. We wanted to make sure people could come to our site and be entertained and informed at the same time. We feel like our podcast was hitting that mark, but not the website. The website was blah, boring, and nothing to look at. It neither functioned nor had anything real to offer, mostly due to Bekemeyer’s (that’s me) inept web design. Hey, I never said I was a web guy. In fact there are years of documented tweets of me talking about how much I hated it and that I knew I sucked at it. Our saving grace is that Brad, AKA the BaldingEwok has a little more time on his hands and a lot more know-how. We knew eventually that this problem was going to have to be met head on and something would have to be done about it.

That time is now. You are seeing it. You are smack dab in the middle of a brand new website and if you are reading this right now, chances are that you can still smell the fresh paint. We are very excited about this new site. We really hope to continue to add to Film Reverie and make it not only something that you can listen to, but something you can visit, read, and share with your other filmmaker friends. In the coming weeks and months we hope to not only continue to bring you episodes of the Film Reverie Podcast, which we have loved producing, mostly because we love talking about making movies anyway, but we also want to bring you written and online content as well. Blogs, interesting articles, as well as guest blogs from people we feel you should hear from. We also have a couple of things we are just not ready to announce yet. So, we’ll be sure to let you know about those things when the time is right.

I couldn’t resist. I just did the math. Right now there are 29 posted episodes of the Film Reverie Podcast. That adds up to over 37 hours of free (hopefully fun and entertaining) conversations with filmmakers and film centric guests that we have been very excited about bringing to you every week. We can say that it is the most fun not making movies we’ve ever had. We would like to thank you for listening, sharing, and encouraging us along the way. It’s an incredible feeling every time hear from someone who listens, either by tweet, Facebook, or email. Every time it lets us know that we are doing something that is contributing to our very special film making community. And that is a great feeling. Thank you for that.

We’ll see you soon. Until next time. Be well and have fun.


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