2016 Orlando Film Festival

Film Reverie – Take 55 | Jerry Cavallaro

Jerry Cavallaro is a filmmaker and the Associate Director of the Orlando Film Festival, which has become renowned for being a filmmaker’s festival. It is essentially for filmmakers by filmmakers. We had a great chat with Jerry about the Orlando Film Festival philosophy and this year’s festival which kicks off it’s 2016 run tonight with […]

Film Reverie – Take 54 | Allison Vanore & Christina Kallas

42 Seconds of Happiness is an award winning feature film directed by Christina Kallas and produced by Emmy nominated Allison Vanore. In this episode we talk about their long journey to bring this unique film to life. Both of these talented women had a ton of insight into making a film and getting a film […]

Jonathan W.C. Mills a screenwriter and filmmaker.

Film Reverie – Take 52 | Jonathan W.C. Mills

Jonathan W.C. Mills is a screenwriter and filmmaker who has been steadily working professionally for several years. He is a graduate of NYU’s TISCH School of the Arts and he’s held jobs at HBO, CBS, as well as Pandemonium Films. He had some great input and advice for screenwriters and filmmakers alike. We had a […]

Film Reverie – Take 51 | Bob Saenz

Bob Saenz is a screenwriter and actor who has been working in the industry for well over twenty years. His acclaimed blog offers all kinds of helpful guidance and information from someone who really knows what he is talking about. Bob came on the podcast and talked about his two projects heading into production and […]

Thing of the Week

Hello Film Reverie listeners it’s time for another Thing of the Week. We don’t know if you’ve heard or not but there’s a new Star Wars movie out so we decided to have our this week’s post be all about Star Wars. We hope you don’t mind us getting into the spirit just a little […]