Thing of the Week

Hello Film Reverie Listeners! It’s time for another Thing of the Week. This week we have a post from, Truffaut interviewing Hitchcock. 12 whole hours of it! Also, from a post with Michael Arndt, of Little Miss Sunshine, and Toy Story 3 fame, talking about what he learned from his time at Pixar. […]

Thing of the Week

Hello Film Reverie listeners! It’s that time again for Thing of the Week. We have an IndieWire post about George Miller and Mad Max: Fury Road, a post from that has a suggestion for the top 13 websites for indie filmmakers, and an interesting short film called Uncanny Valley. We hope you find something […]

Thing of the Week

Hello Film Reverie. For this week’s Thing of the Week we found some great stuff that got our creative juices flowing. Hopefully you’ll find something in here that inspires you as well! First. J.J. Abrams’ Ted Talk he called The Mystery Box . In here Abrams talks about his approach to creativity and storytelling. It’s […]

Film Reverie – Take 42

Hello Film Reverie Listeners! This week we have a conversation with our long-time friend writer, producer, director, Angelo Bell. Angelo has spent the last few years grinding it out, pitching to TV networks and has a lot to say about that process, pitching in general, and the tenacity it takes to succeed in the business. […]

Film Reverie – Take 40

Hello Film Reverie listeners! This week we are happy to bring you the 40th episode of our show. It’s hard to believe we’ve done that many shows and have many more on the way. We spoke with local filmmaker, the smart and eccentric Banks Helfrich about his films, including The Man With Elephant Hands, which […]