Film Reverie Podcast – Take 20 This episode of the Film Reverie Podcast is just the two of us celebrating our 20th episode of the show. It’s the @BaldingEwok and @Bekemeyer talking about movies, filmmaking, and Twitter. Join us! Next week we’re back to having awesome guests, we promise! Follow Brad on Twitter. Follow Michael on Twitter. And as always, you can follow […]

Film Reverie Podcast – Take 19 In this episode we talk with director Christopher G. Moore, who has directed multiple award wining horror genre films such as Foodie and Disengaged. We talk about everything from what makes horror horror all the way to the anticipated Star Wars episodes. It was a fun talk. Listen in! My name is Christopher Moore […]

Film Reverie Podcast – Take 18 In this episode we talk with Actor/Producer Elizabeth Karr about her passion project, Radio Free Albemuth, which is based on the Philip K. Dick novel of the same name. We discuss producing indie genre film, their theatrical self-distribution and the film’s various VOD avenues. Elizabeth is an experienced actor and producer with a lot […]

Film Reverie Podcast – Take 16 In this episode we talk with Kimberley Browning, who is the organizer the Hollywood Shorts Film Festival. She gives us an inside look at some dos and don’ts of festival submissions and has a vast experience that she was kind enough to share with us about the nature of the process. Kimberley Browning is […]

Film Reverie Podcast – Take 14 In this episode we talk with Orlando filmmaker Fred Zara about his narrative feature film Read Me. We discuss the ins and outs, complications and benefits of producing a film with a small budget. Fred had a lot of interesting things to say and some great insight on producing an independent film with heart and […]