2016 Orlando Film Festival

Film Reverie – Take 55 | Jerry Cavallaro

Jerry Cavallaro is a filmmaker and the Associate Director of the Orlando Film Festival, which has become renowned for being a filmmaker’s festival. It is essentially for filmmakers by filmmakers. We had a great chat with Jerry about the Orlando Film Festival philosophy and this year’s festival which kicks off it’s 2016 run tonight with […]

Film Reverie – Take 31

http://filmreverie.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/FilmReverie31.m4a Hello Film Reverie Listeners! In this week’s episode, we spoke with Nic Baisley of Film Snobbery and discussed everything from entrepreneurship to film criticism, as well as balancing what you want with what you have. Nic is a really smart guy and has a laser sharp wit. We had a lot of fun talking […]

Film Reverie Podcast – Take 9

http://filmreverie.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/FilmReverie9.m4a In this episode we talk with Jerry Cavallaro, the Associate Director of the Orlando Film Festival. We discuss the festival itself and what sets it apart from other festivals. We discuss some of our favorites from the 2014 Orlando Film Festival and also discuss the do’s and dont’s of submitting to film festivals. Born […]