Film Reverie – Take 54 | Allison Vanore & Christina Kallas

42 Seconds of Happiness is an award winning feature film directed by Christina Kallas and produced by Emmy nominated Allison Vanore. In this episode we talk about their long journey to bring this unique film to life. Both of these talented women had a ton of insight into making a film and getting a film […]

Film Reverie Podcast – Take 12 In this episode we talk with Rob Gokee about his new web series Brian Majestic: Dinosaur Hunter, composition for TV & Film, and some super special, top secret news that no one else knows! Listen in. Rob is always fun to talk to and has a lot of interesting things to say. Rob Gokee […]

Film Reverie Podcast – Take 8 In this episode we talk to Producer, Calvin Vanderbeek about the ups and downs of indie filmmaking and film finance. He has a vast, twenty years of experience shaping his opinions on indie filmmaking and being creative and staying productive through ups and downs of daily life and the day job and all that […]

Film Reverie Podcast – Take 1

Our first episode with our first guest and friend Rob Gokee who writes music for indie films, television and webseries. This Los Angeles-based composer is known for his varying style & flexibility, studied Music Theory & Composition at the University of New Mexico, and then spent six months under the tutelage of world renowned composer Christopher Young […]