Marina Bruno discusses her first feature film Cotton String.

Film Reverie – Take 46 | Marina Bruno

Filmmaker Marina Bruno returns to the show to discuss her first feature film Cotton String. At 20 years old she has already become a prolific storyteller with several short films under her belt, a rapidly growing YouTube and social media following and is about to release her first feature film for sale digitally. We geeked out about Black Magic, Divinci Resolve, computers, Scorsese, P.T. Anderson, and Tarantino.



MarinaprofileMarina Bruno was born on April 14, 1995. Mostly known for her short film work, including Short Circuit (2013), Civil War (2012),  Chocolate Milkshake (2014) & Waste of a Fall (2014), Marina started her career at a young age. When she was 3, she made her first movie “Dinosaur” using her toys and a camcorder. In the fall of 2005, Marina played a supporting role in her father, Carlo Bruno‘s 2-hour feature film In April (2014). The young filmmaker made her first official short film in the summer of 2011, some of which was filmed in Los Angeles, California. She founded her production company “Wondering Pictures” and in the next years wrote, directed, produced and edited several new works. She recently finished writing, directing and producing her first feature film “Cotton String”, which is being released on December, 28th 2015 on the Wondering Pictures YouTube channel.



“Cotton String” is a feature film about two middle-aged men who decide to invest in a hippie’s electric classic-car invention. The entire film takes place in one day. It was filmed in Ottawa, Canada using all local talent. They used the Black Magic production camera to film 4K footage.Marina14


“Cotton String” (Trailer) – A Feature Film by Marina Bruno


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