Film Reverie – Take 45

Hello Film Reverie Listeners! This week we have New Zealand based Film Publicist Lynnaire MacDonald. Her company Film Sprites helps indie filmmakers get the word out about their films. We learned a lot from her as she shared some tips and tricks and some of her social media philosophy. If you’re anything like us, PR seems a little like a magic trick and Lynnaire really helped to shed some light on the process and gave us a peek behind the curtain. Listen in and enjoy!


Lynnaire MacDonald: Founder of The Film Sprites

Lynnaire MacDonald 3We provide all manner of publicity services, depending where a project is at production-wise. If you’re ready to crowdfund, we can create a press kit and contact press on your behalf to secure interviews, plus social media coverage consistently throughout the campaign. If you’re VoD, a cinema release or releasing via Blu-ray or DVD we can also provide press kits, contacting of media and social media marketing. I think the most important thing we provide, however, is consistent contact and feedback. Publicity isn’t an all-or-nothing thing, it’s a constant dialogue and with social media and real-time marketing you need to keep on the pulse of things. If an approach doesn’t work, we respond to that. When a filmmaker agrees to work with Sprites, they can expect a team that truly cares about the project and is passionate about it. We’re not advertising toothpaste, we’re trying to connect filmmakers with audiences and media who will also be passionate about their work. They can expect a team that is determined for them to succeed. It’s hard work, trying to make your vision a reality (as you would know yourself with Turnabout). We never do anything by halves, and never half-hearted. We’re with you for the long haul.

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