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Hello Film Reverie Listeners! This week we had a great chat with Lead Actress/Writer/Producer Michele Martin and Producer/Director Charles Huddleston about their most recent collaboration Blue, which is making it’s rounds on the festival circuit right now. This is a touching and thought provoking film that is starting to win awards for it’s unique story and characters and its subtle social commentary on racial differences and individuality. Listen in to see what they have to say about creativity, artistry, and getting your film made.



Blue back

Blue Synopsis

BLUE is the dark fable of a boy with Blue skin and the young woman who accepts him, a timeless tale of star-crossed love. Two people living in hardship and loneliness change one another’s lives forever. Blue is a story for every outcast and the long road toward acceptance and redemption. The real journey is our inner one. It only takes one person to change everything. Love can save your life.




Charles HuddlestonCHARLES HUDDLESTON, Director
Charles approaches filmmaking from a desire to tell stories from the underdog’s point of view. He has a mission to create compelling character-driven stories about diversity. His next project is a modern-day adaptation of Henrik Ibsen’s feminist play A Doll’s House.
Michele MartinMICHELE MARTIN, Writer
From a multi-cultural background, Michele is interested in telling stories about our differences and our struggle for acceptance, and how that journey leads to finding strength. Inspired by the story of the Blue People of Kentucky, Michele wrote the screnplay for Blue in ten days.


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