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Hello Film Reverie Listeners! This week we have a conversation with our long-time friend writer, producer, director, Angelo Bell. Angelo has spent the last few years grinding it out, pitching to TV networks and has a lot to say about that process, pitching in general, and the tenacity it takes to succeed in the business. He’s a really smart guy with a lot of sound advice and we were excited to finally have him on the show. Listen in and enjoy!



A word from Angelo Bell –

angelo-clasped-handsI am a writer, an award-winning director and a producer with credits in the US, Canada, UK, Spain, Italy, Belgium and the UAE. My film/TV blog has been active for longer than most and I freely share my experiences. I have organized industry contests, worked film festivals and supported award shows. Currently, I am developing and pitching TV shows to NBC, USA, Bravo, EsquireTV, E!, Oxygen and Syfy. Lastly, my real-life experience includes a decade of making 10+ films, screenwriting, indie- and micro-budget filmmaking. I am available to host seminars, panels, and offer mentoring advice for film production, screenwriting and pitching for TV.


When I started to prep my very first film, “Get Spielberg” in early 2000s I could not find anyone who would share information of their success in filmmaking. It was as if they wanted to keep all their experience and information behind a wall. That’s why I started to write about my experience, failures and attempts long before there was Blogger or WordPress. I wanted to share all my experiences as an aspiring filmmaker,  a screenwriter and as a director. Almost a decade later and  I have made seven short films, four feature films and I have pitched to major television networks over 20 times.  My work optioned, I have received Honorable Mentions in screenwriting contests, and my filmed work has been seen in the US. Canada, the United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium and the UAE. It is only just beginning.

I was born and raised in New York. I lived in the boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn, where the majority of my family still reside. I moved to Los Angeles in the mid-90s to pursue my dream of writing motion pictures. This dream evolved into writing and directing and I took the leap to become an independent filmmaker. My first love is, and will always be, writing, and I get my fill by working and striving in both the feature film and television arenas.

In the last four years, through a relationship with IFTA, I’ve focused on​ developing TV series concepts for possible production on NBCUniversal and its affiliates. Getting a network meeting is difficult. Even established writers face obstacles getting a meeting. In the past two years I’ve averaged one meeting per month — 24 meetings — with network execs at Bravo, E!, Esquire, NBC, Syfy, Style, and USA – scripted and unscripted (aka alternative programming or reality)​.  I am personally responsible for securing over 15 network meetings for writers who had no access to a major network. I worked with them to develop their raw ideas into cohesive concepts that networks respond to, then I prepared them for the pitch meeting.
I also work with aspiring TV writers to develop their ideas into projects that appeal to TV networks. I direct writers into creating a proposal (logline, series summary, minibible, series treatment, episode list, theme, character list) that is complete and viable. At that time, they may use their personal connections and relationships to submit a complete proposal to the networks.  Alternatively, *IF* the project speaks to me personally I *MAY* consider optioning it and submitting it to my contacts at NBC.

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  1. Great interview! Angelo has a wealth of info to share and I learned a lot listening. Thanks, guys.

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