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Hello Film Reverie listeners! This week we are happy to bring you the 40th episode of our show. It’s hard to believe we’ve done that many shows and have many more on the way. We spoke with local filmmaker, the smart and eccentric Banks Helfrich about his films, including The Man With Elephant Hands, which begins production in October. He brought along an actor from his film, Tisse Mallon, who is also a holistic lifestyle coach and healer. They both had a lot of truly interesting things to say about filmmaking and life. To top that off, we were also joined by actor and friend to the show Elaitheia Quinn. Listen in!




Banks Helfrich is a producer and director, known for The Ah of Life (2010), Lester(2015) and The Flossing (2007). Banks Helfrich has been everything from a professional triathlete to a circus clown, a Harpo Marx look-alike at Universal Studios (Orlando FL) to David Letterman’s the Ball Guy from “Is this Anything?” He is also a filmmaker, and writes and directs a feature every two years.  In 2009, “the donut, the balloon and the lifesaver” created buzz on the film festival circuit.  “the ah of life,” has captured attention with the Audience Choice Award at UNA George Lindsey Film Festival, Best Feature at Independents’ Film Festival, Best Trailer at Fearless Film Festival and acceptances at San Antonio Film Festival and Woods Hole Film Festival. These are just examples. All his films certainly have captured an audience.


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