Film Reverie – Take 37

Hello Film Reverie Listeners! This week’s episode we spoke with Shaun, the host of the excellent film analysis and interview show, No Totally! They have a fun show and talk about all things movies (and a lot of other stuff too) and we have been a fan of them since the inception of Film Reverie. We had a fun time talking with Shaun and covered a wide range of topics from film analysis to the woes of making a film with a diverse cast. Take a listen and enjoy!


A word from Shaun Lau:no-totally-3d-logo-bannered

About No, Totally!

nototally-small-logo-BWe are a weekly conversational movie (and sometimes interviews with interesting human beings) podcast hosted by Brian (regular guy) and Shaun (dilettante film nerd). Both of us have day jobs and absolutely no credentials for this sort of thing, but we hope you enjoy listening anyway. New episodes are released every Tuesday.

Typically I guess we’d now say something like “we know the world doesn’t need another movie podcast, but” and then explain why they’re different. In our opinion, though, the world kinda did need another movie podcast, to bridge the gap between movie discussions and reviews that are purely fun and entertaining and those best consumed by people who use the word “film” and somehow manage to extend it across two syllables.

In other words, we believe that we’re slightly less entertaining than the entertaining movie podcasts, and slightly less knowledgeable than the really smart movie podcasts. But we do both simultaneously! And we like to think that we do it well. 

You can react to our stupid thoughts on the pages we’ve set up for each episode. Navigation is pretty simple, but if you don’t know where to start, the list of our episodes is as good a place as any.


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