Film Reverie – Take 36

Hello Film Reverie listeners! This week’s episode is a super sized chat with professional screenwriter The Unknown Screenwriter and Script Magazine editor, Scriptchat founder Jeanne Veillette Bowerman. We talked about collaborating and working with a co-writer. They, as always, have some great things to say and shed a lot of light on their own process of working with a writing partner. Check it out and enjoy!

IMPASSE – short film by Implicit Productions, LLC

IMPASSE is a day in the life of Alice, a married woman, frustrated with her existence, watching an anonymous young couple fight a heartbreaking battle, deciding their fate. Neither wanting to lose. Neither wanting to compromise. Both deeply in love. An impasse. Despite the intense argument, there’s no denying the love this couple feels for each other. It’s palpable. It’s haunting. It consumes Alice, as she flashes back to her own cold war of love. Will these strangers have any impact on Alice’s life? Or will she leave that coffee shop and continue to live in fear of change and choice? The moment of impasse, leading to the necessity of choice. Come explore it through Alice’s eyes. Written by Jeanne Veillette Bowerman. Directed by Michael Bekemeyer.

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