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Hello Film Reverie listeners! This week we hopped the pond to speak with London based filmmaker Ben Woodiwiss about his fantastic drama, Benny Loves Killing. Ben was the first filmmaker who heard our show and sent his film into us to have sneak peek at it way back when our show was just a fledgling thing and it took us all the way until now to have him on. But it was worth the wait. We loved his film for its daring style and minimalistic take on storytelling. If you love Independent films then you should check it out.

Ben Woodiwiss was born on September 18, 1975 in Paddington, London, England. He is a writer and director, known for Benny Loves Killing (2012), You Look and You Think(2010) and Kiss Fight Smoke (2010).


BLKslateDirector: Ben Woodiwiss

Ben Woodiwiss was born in London, UK. After working as a Screenwriter for many years, and dabbling in Technician and Actor positions he set up Look/Think Films in 2010. Look/Think Films have quickly become a strong part of the Independent sector. They are dedicated to providing a different kind of cinema: antagonistic and questioning. The films are all visually striking, and create conversations about cinema for an audience to consider.

Director’s Statement

I’m making films that reflect my experience of life, and because of that there are no easy answers. I get the feeling that a lot of what we talk about with genre, or filmmaking models, ends up creating films which don’t take us anywhere new. I love cinema, and I find the world fascinating, and I want to make films which are just as difficult and beautiful as my experience of being alive. If you like, these films are ‘aesthetic’ as opposed to ‘anaesthetic’, or something that puts you to sleep. These films are a wake up call.


BennyLovesKillingPosterBenny Loves Killing (2012) is the first feature from Look/Think Films. The story of a young student making her horror film, her way. A difficult beauty, Benny Loves Killing is both a love letter, and a bullet, to cinema. IMDB Page

The film can be understood in a number of different ways, despite being set in a very concrete present. Audiences are invited to see alternative interpretations, and to reach different conclusions. The film is densely layered with objects, colour, nuance, and a rich sound design that create their own world.

Benny Loves Killing takes the arguments begun by Kvinnefrisen and moves them into the real world, but also looks at other aspects of cinema. The film consolidates itself with the use of an active, inquisitive, close camera, and editing which is both urgent and languid. Two elements which have become a hallmark of how Look/Think Films work.

The film premiered at the 60n Film Festival in Norway, picking up a nomination for Best Film. Subsequently, Benny Loves Killing has played in both Denmark and the USA, picking up the Best Horror Film award at the Oregon Independent Film Festival. Recently the film won three awards at the Pollygrind Film Festival, including Best Foreign Language Film.

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