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Hello Film Reverie listeners. In this week’s episode we were very happy to talk with Orlando filmmakers Jason Kovacsev, Matt Mamula, and John Schaub, the filmmakers behind the hilarious and entertaining film Just About Famous, a documentary about celebrity impersonators. We actually got to see this doc back in January at the Orlando Film Festival and it was a lot of fun. Since then, they have found distribution and are now available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon. These guys were able to share a lot of insight into making a documentary; the story telling, the shooting, the editing, as well as shed some light on going through the process of deliverables for distribution. We had a lot of fun talking with them and hope you enjoy listening in.


ELVIS, OBAMA, LADY GAGA, MADONNA, HUGH HEFNER, KISS, GEORGE W BUSH & BILL CLINTON all grace their presence in this “star” studded documentary, but is looking like the most recognizable people on the planet a blessing or a curse?
JUST ABOUT FAMOUS shines a spotlight on the often overlooked side of celebrity: the lookalikes. Take a trip into the intriguing, enlightening, and often times surreal life of celebrity impersonators as a group of individual impersonators, each with a different path, converge at the annual SUNBURST CONVENTION FOR CELEBRITY TRIBUTE ARTISTS.
How the film came about.
When Co-Director Jason Kovacsev read an article in the newspaper about an upcoming celebrity impersonator convention, he knew there would something there, so Jason, Matt (Co-Director) and John (Producer) picked up their cameras and went to explore the world of celebrity impersonation or look-a-likes. From that came the documentary short, JUST ABOUT FAMOUS. A short that would play in over 2 dozen film festivals. But, while on film festival circuit, people kept saying that they wanted more from the film, we went back to convention the characters and story that would make up the feature version of JUST ABOUT FAMOUS. We started the short version of the film in 2009 and then began shooting the feature version in 2011. It’s been a long, long journey, but with the film being a comedy, at least things were kept lively.

JUST ABOUT FAMOUS (2015) – Official Trailer


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Jason Kovacsev
Co-Director Just About Famous
Matt Mamula
Co-Director Just About Famous
John Schaub
Producer Just About Famous – Documentary
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