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This week we were very happy to talk with Mattson Tomlin, a talented writer/director and graduate of AFI, who at the time of the interview, was currently crowdfunding his newest feature film Rene.

He is a unique storyteller with a distinct vision and we thoroughly enjoyed our time talking with him.

Mattson Tomlin was born on July 16, 1990 in Bucharest, Romania. He is a director and writer, known for Solomon Grundy (2013), Solomon Grundy (2009) and The Projectionist (2008).



Mattson speaks on the lack of funding for his Feature Film Rene.

We’ve had some really touching words from our backers and supporters as the campaign as winded down. Our director said it best on twitter earlier today, so we’ll just quote him!

The fate of a movie should never rest in the hands of a kickstarter. Had it worked, it would have made life just a tad bit easier for us. But the fact that it didn’t hasn’t changed anything. In a year or two there’s going to be a great movie finished that we’ll be begging for you to watch, and we look forward to that time!

Onwards + Upwards.

– Mattson Tomlin

For now you can check out some of his past work below.

When his adopted son displays a mysterious ability, Mark Seever begins an investigation to uncover the truth of his son’s past. Sound up, lights down.




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