Film Reverie Podcast – Take 26

Hello Film Reverie Listeners! This week we had a great conversation with Writer/Producer/Actress/Dancer Natalie Burn who has been in several films, most recently Expendables 3.

We spent a lot of time talking about her passion project, a feature film called Awaken. She has a great story and a very interesting path that has led her to starting her own production company to produce interesting films.

Natalie Burn is making the transition from acclaimed dancer/choreographer to actor seamlessly. First up, she is appearing in the blockbuster action thriller “Expendables 3” (August 2014) alongside Mel Gibson.

She also stars in the horror film “Killer Mermaid” which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in early 2014. Burn has also recently joined the cast of the thriller “Criminal,” which also stars Kevin Costner, Ryan Reynolds & Tommy Lee Jones.

7heaven-logoBurn now actively produces and stars in independent films through her company 7Heaven Productions. In her first project “Fallen Angel,” she starred as a composer turned heroin addict. The short film won The Merit Award at the 2014 Accolade Competition for the outstanding work by a female filmmaker.

NatalieBurnSet“Awaken,” another 7Heaven Production, will be released October 2014. The story reflects the global problem of human trafficking for the organ trade. Burn stars alongside Daryl Hannah, Edward Furlong, Michael Paré, and Jason London and she also produced & wrote the screenplay.

Upcoming 7Heaven Productions’ include “Devil’s Hope” written by Burn & Morgan Land. This dark thriller is set in the backstreets of New Orleans where drugs, sex, voodoo, addictions, and dirty politics are prevalent and stars Burn. Another upcoming production is “Choices” – a film that centers on the challenges people with disabilities face and how their decisions dictate their futures. Additionally, she is producing and starring in “The Second Coming of Christ” which is currently in production and stars Jason London, Quinton Aaron, Sally Kirkland and Tom Sizemore. The film is set in a world where food is scarce and the human race is facing the possibility of extinction. With an impending apocalypse seeming near, a battle of good versus evil ensues.


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