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James Durham

In this episode we talk with our dear friend, sound designer, musician, and all around creative guy James Durham about his current projects Dear Luke and Lord of the Mind Podcasts, but it didn’t take us long to dip into deeper topics like living a creative life and just getting out there and doing it because it needs to be done. The episode runs a little longer than usual but James had so many great things to say, we just wanted to share all of it.

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Take 22 | Sound designer, musician, and all around

Life has a way of sneaking up on you sometimes and kicking you in the pants to help bring about much-needed change. That’s what happened to me. As part of that personal change, I felt inspired to write a series of letters to my son to share with him what I most want him to know about life.

Dear Luke is that collection of letters I wrote to him with my thoughts about life, suggestions to help him find more peace and joy on his own personal journey in life, and ideas to help him discover and reach his full potential. You are invited to listen as I read these letters to him in this very personal podcast. If you enjoy this podcast, please feel free to share it!

Warmest Regards,
James Durham


The Lord of the Mind:
A Geek’s Epic Quest for Health


Hosted by James Durham

A fortnightly podcast about an epic quest of self-mastery of one geek, to save his life, adventure forth into health and fitness, and obtain a generally awesome sense of well-being… all through the amazing power of the human mind!

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