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ChrisMooreHeadIn this episode we talk with director Christopher G. Moore, who has directed multiple award wining horror genre films such as Foodie and Disengaged. We talk about everything from what makes horror horror all the way to the anticipated Star Wars episodes. It was a fun talk. Listen in!

My name is Christopher Moore and I’m a movieholic. I’m what you call a true film geek and this space is for me to put out there everything I’m working on filmmaking-wise as well as to give my opinion, thoughts, observations and views on movies and different topics that interest me.

His award-winning film Foodie is now available to watch for free on YouTube! Check it out and share it with those who love dark comedic films!

Check out Christopher G. Moore’s Latest Film Disengaged

ChrisMooreEyelogoDisengaged is a story about a determined young woman who faces the daunting task of taking care of her neighbors after a post-apocalyptic event leaves them frozen in place.


In their review, Horror Society calls Disengaged “a nearly-perfect film.”

WINNER – Neo/SciFi Award for Freshness and Originality – 2014 ConCarolinas Short Film Festival

WINNER – Best Short Film – 2014 ValhallaCon Film Festival

WINNER – Best Regional Short Film – 2014 MonsterCon Film Festival


Watch the trailer now!



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