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FredZaraCUIn this episode we talk with Orlando filmmaker Fred Zara about his narrative feature film Read Me. We discuss the ins and outs, complications and benefits of producing a film with a small budget. Fred had a lot of interesting things to say and some great insight on producing an independent film with heart and soul.

About Fred Zara, He’s a Video Producer @ Treehouse, a filmmaker, writer, producer, editor, husband and dad. He has been making films and videos for most of his life. The Trenton, New Jersey native has had his work screened at festivals all across the country for over a decade.


His 2009 feature length documentary, Average Community, won awards at film festivals in Orlando, Philadelphia and New York City. Fred first became involved in Florida’s film scene in 2000, when he enrolled in the film program at Orlando’s Valencia College. 2015 will see Fred’s narrative feature film debut with Read Me, a film about a man with Dyslexia, who has the aAverageCommunitybility to read people.


His first feature film Average Community premiered at New York City’s CMJ Film Festival and won the Audience Award. The film went on to win awards in both Orlando and Philadelphia. You can check it out on Amazon streaming by clicking here.




His latest film Read Me is currently in post-production.

The Story: Clark Kemper, a 38-year-old high school drop out, never learned how to read words due to dyslexia, but he can read people. He developed this skill over a lifetime of navigating a world he can’t understand, and he uses his sixth sense largely to protect himself. Clark lives his life as a passive spectator. As a boy, he watched his mother walk out on him and his father. Now, content with the status quo, he works as a dishwasher by day and putters around in solitude at night. When he meets Rachel, a struggling actress with her own unsettling past, he’s forced to confront the ugly truth that life is passing him by. Can he overcome the one obstacle from which his intuition can’t guard him?

Check out the website for his film Read Me.



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