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robgokeeHoodeeIn this episode we talk with Rob Gokee about his new web series Brian Majestic: Dinosaur Hunter, composition for TV & Film, and some super special, top secret news that no one else knows! Listen in. Rob is always fun to talk to and has a lot of interesting things to say.

Rob Gokee is an Award-Winning Los Angeles-based film and television composer. Rob has scored over a hundred films, shows, and webseries in the last 7 years. Rob is working on his second book, Fighting For Sonic Space, about composing music in the indie film & TV world. Born and raised in Los Angeles, he resides there with his wife, Producer Allison Vanore.

Film music credits: Death Inc., Love in the Time of Monsters, Of Teaching Killer Whales Compassion, No One Knows, The Grid


 RobDinosaurHunterDescribed laughingly by Gokee as like a TV nature show, but one that’s “a nature show where we’re (Majestic and Gokee) being chased down by dinosaurs,” BRIAN MAJESTIC: DINOSAUR HUNTER stars Majestic (NIGHT OF THE ZOMBIE KING) as the eponymous paleontologist who travels back in time to lead a daring, and often comical, search for evidence to prove his bold theory that dinosaurs never actually existed; one made possible by a special NASA-built time machine he gains access to thanks to a friend who works at the space agency.


Check out Brian Majestic: Dinosaur Hunter. 

Brian Majestic: Dinosaur Hunter – Twitter

Watch Brian Majestic: Dinosaur Hunter on Rob’s YouTube page.


A little about Rob Gokee.

RobGokeeHeadI’m a composer. I write music for film, television & webseries, and I’ve contributed to over 100 projects in the last 6 years. The best part about my job is the relationships I’ve formed with Directors, Producers, Actors, Casting Agents, Gaffers, Directors of Photography. All of these talented people come together and create a beautiful piece of art, and I’m honored to add my brush strokes.

RobGokeeSmileThe music I create for film comes from me but does not belong to me. It’s a collaboration; it wouldn’t exist without the visual elements that inspire me. I compose, and orchestrate, and compose again, until it’s right. It’s important to me to find a film’s voice, which comes from a combination of the filmmaker’s vision and what’s inside of me. If you’re a director or producer, I’d love to be a part of your next project. Contact me and lets talk about what your film needs.

Check out his book In The Belly of the Fail Whale on Amozon







Rob is working on his second book, Fighting For Sonic Space, about composing music in the indie film & TV world.

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