Film Reverie Podcast – Take 10 In this episode of Film Reverie it’s just Brad and Michael talking about their recent trip to the Orlando Film Festival. Just some chatter about what we got out of spending all that time hanging out, watching indie films with indie filmmakers. We also discuss the origins of The Balding Ewok.   A couple […]

Film Reverie Podcast – Take 9 In this episode we talk with Jerry Cavallaro, the Associate Director of the Orlando Film Festival. We discuss the festival itself and what sets it apart from other festivals. We discuss some of our favorites from the 2014 Orlando Film Festival and also discuss the do’s and dont’s of submitting to film festivals. Born […]

Film Reverie Podcast – Take 8 In this episode we talk to Producer, Calvin Vanderbeek about the ups and downs of indie filmmaking and film finance. He has a vast, twenty years of experience shaping his opinions on indie filmmaking and being creative and staying productive through ups and downs of daily life and the day job and all that […]

Film Reverie Podcast – Take 7 In this episode we talk with our long time friend and collaborator Chris Bremer about documentary film editing and the making of documentaries in general. Listen in and find out what he has to say about the creative process and staying true to your vision and project over the long, slow process of independent […]

Film Reverie Podcast – Take 6 In this episode of the podcast we talk with talented actress, singer, and acting coach Erin Cronican, who had a lot to say about the business side of being an actor. We had a nice talk with her and she is full of experience and insight. We really enjoyed our chat with her and […]