Thing of the Week for 11-13-15

Hello Film Reverie! We hope you have all had a productive week of creativity and filmmaking. This week we have some really cool stuff that really got our filmmaking juices flowing. Here are some of the things we just had to share with you.

First up is this recently found interview we found on Indiewire with David Lynch about his film Eraserhead. What I thought was most interesting about this interview is how hard David Lynch works to not explain his film. He’s particularly good at not letting outside forces influence the choices he makes when telling a story. Whether you love his films or not, a really important lesson can be learned from his philosophy of digging deep to your own, unique, unfiltered creative voice and trusting it implicitly.


Next we have a free episode of Robert Rodriguez’s Director’s Chair, from his El Rey Network. This particular episode is with Sylvester Stallone, who many people seem to forget or not even know, he has almost as much experience behind the camera as he does in front. In case you’ve not seen it, The Director’s Chair is a show that has a ton of experiential knowledge from it’s host and the guests Rodriguez has on. The first season has hour long interviews with Guillermo del Torro, Michael Mann, Francis Ford Coppolla, Robert Zemeckis and a two-part episode with his long time friend Quentin Tarrantino. We love the show! To get a taste of what it’s like, you can check out the full, free episode on El Rey’s Facebook page.

Lastly, we have a short film from Ben Woodiwiss, who was actually a guest on our show way back in Take 34. We had a nearly two-hour discussion with him about his unique style of filmmaking. This is a quick, five minute short film by him from 2011 and it’s a nice, abstract, thought provoking, tone poem. Check it out! If you like the film and would like to see his feature Benny Loves Killing (which we really enjoyed), you can watch it on Vimeo’s On demand service for $4.

That’s it for now, Film Reverie listeners. We’ll see you next week. If you are itching to listen to indie filmmakers talk about indie filmmaking things, be sure to check out our weekly podcast. This week we spoke our frequent guest, film composer and taco enthusiast Rob Gokee.

Go make something!


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