Thing of the Week

Hello Film Reverie listeners! It’s that time again for Thing of the Week. We have an IndieWire post about George Miller and Mad Max: Fury Road, a post from that has a suggestion for the top 13 websites for indie filmmakers, and an interesting short film called Uncanny Valley. We hope you find something in here that inspires you.

First, a post from about George Miller’s epic film Mad Max: Fury Road. This sheds some interesting light on his thoughts and the process of making the film. Have a look!

Mad Max 2


Second, a post from with the top 13 websites for filmmakers. There’s some interesting stuff in here. Some good resources to keep in your back pocket for those rainy days. There’s a wealth of information here!



Lastly, a SF short film called Uncanny Valley. It looks great, sounds great, and has a really interesting premise. Check it out. At just eight minutes long, it packs a lot of interesting stuff in there.


That’s it for this week. We hope these tidbits scratched your indie filmmaker itch for the week. See you again next time!


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