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Hello Film Reverie! For this week’s Thing of the Week we came across some really interesting stuff we just had to share.

First up, a DP/30 video we originally found on No Film School. It’s an interview with the highly accomplished and amazing cinematographer Roger Deakins talking about his craft and his most recent film Sicario. He offers a lot of great insight into his thought process and how he goes about making decisions. We loved listening to him go into detail. And also, if you haven’t seen Sicario, shame on you. Rectify that ASAP.


Next, believe it or not, I love listening to podcasts. One of my personal favorites is The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith. This week, we want to direct you to his episode with Aaron Sorkin talking about writing, specifically his script for Steve Jobs. Aaron Sorkin is one of the very few writers who I love and hate (AKA: I’m jealous of him). His screenplays are always so full of life even though much of the time is spent with just a few people in a room talking. They still somehow play off as epic battles of urgency. Check it out!



Lastly, as always, we have another short film from an indie filmmaker named MJ Slide, who has been making films since she was a damn child. I have seen most of her stuff and have watched her grow up through the films she has made. This film Smoke Like Echo is the first in a trilogy of short films from the same universe. I really enjoyed it and I hope you do too. If you do like the film, you might also be happy to hear that MJ will be a guest on Film Reverie in the next few weeks. She’s been pretty prolific for a few years now and we’re really looking forward to our chat.


That’s it for this week, Film Reverie listeners. We hope you find something in here to inspire you to go out there and make something. Don’t forget to check out our weekly podcast with filmmakers. This week’s episode we had a great talk with writer, producer, director Angelo Bell about years of experience pitching to TV networks. Good stuff!

Be well and have fun!

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