Thing of the Week for 11-13-15

Hello Film Reverie! We hope you have all had a productive week of creativity and filmmaking. This week we have some really cool stuff that really got our filmmaking juices flowing. Here are some of the things we just had to share with you. First up is this recently found interview we found on Indiewire […]

Thing of the Week

In the long and winding road towards getting a film made you face all kinds of tests, trials, and tribulations. I know for me, I stay pretty focused and intent on pushing through whatever thing might be in the way of getting the film made today, this week, month, or year might be. I have […]

Two Steps Forward…

Two Steps Forward… I’ve been thinking a lot lately about progress. I’ve been making movies for over twenty years now. Not very many of them were good movies, but you have to start somewhere. Right? For the longest time I tried to get to a point where I could pay the cast and crew, have […]

Part Time Professionals

Professionalism. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately. I am an independent filmmaker, which means like many other indie filmmakers, I have an actual day job and the filmmaking is probably more adequately described as a hobby. Which, by the way, I hate. I don’t like referring to the thing I love to do […]

FADE IN…on a new

Film Reverie’s New Site Launch!         A little over six months ago we started a website and a podcast about indie film making. True, the website was an absolutely empty shell of a thing and it’s sole purpose in this world was to be the home of our meager podcast we decided to call Film […]