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Host Michael Bekemeyer is a writer, director, and educator whose love for movies has been apparent and constant since he was a child. At one point in his life he had been content to just watch movies, but at some point over twenty years ago he became a filmmaker and he has never had any free time since.


– Bradly Kingston –

Host Brad Kingston has been a creative thinker his entire life. He is an educator, writer, composer, editor, sound designer, and an all around nice guy. He has been making films and dreaming about movies for decades.

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  1. I’m Seth, writing to you on behalf of TV writer (ABC’s The Assets) and novelist (2014’s The Ascendant) Drew Chapman. His latest novel, The King of Fear is a globe trotting economic/political thriller and is being released by Simon & Schuster in 3 parts throughout the winter. You can read more about it at andrewdchapman.com

    We think the themes you address in your podcast are a great match for Drew’s personal expertise, and I’m writing to request an appearance with Drew on your podcast. If you’re open to this or would like to discuss further, please shoot me an email at seth@andrewdchapman.com


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